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Your lasting contribution

A gift to Independent Age in your Will is a lasting contribution towards ending the isolation and loneliness older people face.

We are extremely grateful to all our passionate supporters who have been kind enough to include a gift to Independent Age in their Will.


We rely on these gifts to provide our range of services for older people and to speak up for those who are lonely, vulnerable or in need of help.


The UK's population is ageing and it is estimated that by 2031 more than a quarter of us will be over 60 years old. In the coming years more people than ever before will need our support. Legacy gifts will help us continue to be there for generations of older people in the years to come. 


Will making information

People often put off making a Will, usually because they don't want to think about it or they simply don't know where to start. But having a properly drafted Will is the best way to ensure your wishes are carried out and to take care of the people and causes that you care about.

To help our supporters we have a free Will Guide which gives answers to some frequently asked questions and summarises the things to think about when making or updating your Will. However the guide is not a substitute for seeking professional advice, which we always recommend our supporters do. 

To order our free Will Guide email or call 020 7605 4223.



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If you have included or are considering including a gift in your Will to help our work in the future you can tell us using this form, thank you.

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