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Post lockdowns, pupils are thriving

Date Posted: 07 Jun 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has had profound effects on children’s education – but the empowering Personal Development programme THE BIG THINK for those aged 5 to 11, provided by the Human Values Foundation, has been proving invaluable.

THE BIG THINK ( teaches children how to think for themselves, manage their emotions and form life-enriching relationships.  It provides schools with 120 enjoyable and engaging lesson packs that progressively equip children with key life skills so that they can thrive.  The resulting balanced education prepares the emerging generation well for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

Please support us...together we can make huge differences to children, giving them a great start to their formal education so that they can flourish, maximise their potential and look forward to shaping the future in ways that enable them to lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.