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Welcome to the Forest of Avon Trust

The Forest of Avon Trust is a Bristol based charity and one of England's 15 Community Forests.  Established over 30 years ago, our aim is to bring trees and people together to create healthy, inspiring, resilient places for people and nature to live, side by side. The Forest of Avon encompasses the many trees and woodlands across the West of England, formerly Avon - the four counties of Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Our vision is for more, better managed and connected trees and woodland that make a vital contribution to a thriving natural environment, society and economy in the West of England.   Trees and woodlands have wide ranging environmental benefits including improving air quality, flood prevention, improving biodiversity and soil quality and absorbing and storing carbon dioxide which helps tackle climate change.  Of equal measure is growing evidence of their value in improving health, recreational opportunities and quality of life for people.

It is our mission to plant more trees and create more woodlands and engage communities from across Bristol & Avon, in the many benefits they bring.   We are entirely funded through grants, sponsorship, donations and legacies.

Our work is focused on:

> Identifying and supporting tree planting activities with landowners within the wider Avon area
> Managing and supporting volunteers who get directly involved in tree planting and community orchard care and maintenance
> Delivering a Health and Wellbeing Programme which includes group activities for individuals with long-term mental health needs, people with dementia and those who support/care for them, and individuals with learning disabilities 
> Working in partnership with stakeholders, including local authorities, charities and community groups to advocate for the importance of the value of trees and woodlands for people and the environment

There are many ways to get involved through volunteering and fundraising.  With your support we can do much more.

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