David Livingstone International Ltd

Educating children out of poverty and helping those in need

Registered Charity Number: SC010894
Barnstaple, Devon

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About us

DLI is a Christian charity made up of 100% volunteers and has no racial or religious discrimination.

It makes a REAL DIFFERENCE to the lives of those in need through providing homes for orphans, education, life skills training, feeding programmes, life changing operations, disaster recovery and emergency aid among other things.  Help is currently offered in the Philippines, India, Thailand and Africa where we are working towards self sufficiency.

DLI believes everyone has a basic right to education, good health, love, support, a place to call home, fresh water and nutritious food.  Many orphans and children living in abject poverty are sponsored by a monthly donation of just £14.  100% of the donation goes towards the child's needs with NO ADMINISTRATION CHARGES TAKEN.  The charity operates through ministers and national volunteer workers.

Our work

The David Livingstone Orphanage school at Samchuck in Thailand has over 500 children and workers are also engaged in relief work on the Thai/Myanmar Border. In the Philippines, the David Livingstone Foundation supports nearly 300 children including a new orphanage and street shelter caring for nearly 100 children in Calbayog. In India, DLI is responsible for two orphanages and has a fresh water and feeding program. In Malawi, support is given to 250 Aids orphans. Work is carried out on a partnership basis with national volunteer workers, no salaries are paid either in the UK or abroad and all ongoing projects are encouraged to work towards self sufficiency through its vocational training programs.