Christian Hope International

Registered Charity Number: 1061526
Romford, Essex


Date Posted: 15 Feb 2019

Further to our last cry out for help with sponsors - we are overjoyed to say our prayers have been answered and new sponsors have been found for both Juliet and Grace.

Of course there will always be new children brought to our attention from our Diocesan partners in Rwanda and Uganda and we will always be looking for new sponsors to make a difference to their lives.  It is a commitment but £15 a month, is barely the cost of a family takeaway,  your daily newspaper or your daily takeaway coffee.  But this small sacrifice could make a huge difference to a child in Africa.  Your money would go directly to the project involved with the child, your child would receive scholastic materials, school lunch, school uniform and health insurance.  You would receive personal letters from your child 2 or 3 times a year, plus photos, and an end of year school report.

Children looking for sponsors range from 4 years old to 15.  You could sponsor just for a year, or for the duration of their schooling, it would totally depend on your circumstances.  You could also send extra small gifts or money for their birthdays or Christmas.  These children feel cared for, and are given hope for a brighter future. 

Children available for sponsorship can be found on our website.