Christian Hope International

Registered Charity Number: 1061526
Romford, Essex


Date Posted: 05 Mar 2019

The community of Nkondo in Rwanda noticed that many of the younger children in the community were often left at home while the parents worked during the day.  School fees can be unachieveable for the average labourer so schooling was not an option.  Many of these children were in danger of being abused sexually and mentally so the local Pastor decided to help protect them by opening a school in the church.

This soon became too large, and the community came together and built the skeleton of a school - walls, and a roof. 

The fees are very low and help pay for the two teachers who care for all 160 children and for any resources they may use. 

Funds have run low now and they need to purchase windows and doors to make the building secure and useable for the children.  At least one more teacher needs to be funded and a clean water well would be amazing.

Do you have links with a school who may be able to raise awareness of this project?  Are you a teacher who feels for those 2 teachers with all their charges to look after and educate?

We desperately want to help this school.  Could you help us bring hope in Jesus name to this community?