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The young people that come to Choysez are seriously disadvantaged by high unemployment, poverty and crime rates which impact heavily on their lives. On top of this, they are often in care or have difficult home lives and face hardship and deprivation every single day. These issues frequently impact on their education and they often find mainstream schools to be a struggle and are at risk of exclusion. Behavioural issues and attitude problems can also arise due to the young person's lack of social skills, confidence and self-esteem. They will feel trapped in their situations and often resign themselves to a hard life that they do not deserve. 

This is where we come in -we offer a helping hand to these young people and support them to overcome the difficulties they face. We do this by providing these young people with the opportunity to develop both academically and socially. The young people are able to work towards recognised qualifications whilst also taking part in activities that will help them develop basics skills which we often take for granted. In addition, we work on building the young person's self-esteem and confidence.

-These young people are significantly disadvantaged through no fault of their own and it is for this reason that Choysez strives to give them a chance; because it could be the only chance most of them get, and because it is a chance that all of them deserve.

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