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Adopt a rabbit from a rescue centre

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If you have space in your family for a furry friend that loves to hop, then why not visit a rabbit rescue centre! There are several centres dotted around the UK that specialise in helping to re-home rabbits of all shapes and sizes. If you think that you may be interested in adopting a rabbit then we have listed a few rabbit sanctuaries below to help get you started on your search. 


fat fluffs.jpg 

Fat Fluffs

Fat Fluffs was formed in 2008 by a group of 5 animal loving friends that wanted to help abandoned rabbits. The charity, based in the West Midlands, is a rescue sanctuary that takes in all breeds of rabbits and helps them to find new loving homes. The sanctuary also has boarding facilities for rabbits to stay in whilst their owners are away.


bunny burrows.jpg

Bunny Burrows

Bunny Burrows is a small rescue charity that is run by Gwen Butler, a former winner of the Pet Rescue award. The charity re-homes rabbits and guinea pigs as well as offering rabbit health and welfare information to owners. Not all rabbits that come to Bunny Burrows can be re-homed due to ongoing health issues, so they become full time residents that are available for sponsorship. 



Rabbit and Guinea Pig Sanctuary

The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Sanctuary (also known as RAGS) was started in 2002 and has since found loving homes for over 1000 animals. The rescue sanctuary is constantly full to capacity with furry friends that are searching for new homes. The charity asks that if you are unable to offer a home to one of their many animals, that you may consider donating supplies instead (desired essentials are listed on their website).

Staff from RAGS also frequently visit schools to provide educational talks to children about animals and the best way to care for them.


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Carrot Tops

Carrot Tops is a rescue centre for lost or unwanted pet rabbits and guinea pigs based in Gloucestershire. The centre aims to fund itself entirely through donations and help from supporters. Carrot Tops tries to re-home all of their rabbits in pairs or to homes that already have a hoppy companion, they even offer to help with the introductions. They are also available to provide lots of advice on the best ways to ensure your rabbit has a happy and safe life. 



If you want to find more rabbit rescue charities then visit our directory.