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Charity Christmas Gifts for Eco-Warriors

If you are buying Christmas presents for an environmental enthusiast this year, do we have the gift guide for you. We have checked out the online stores of all of our favourite environment charities, and come up with some organically fabulous gift ideas. 

Reduce, re-use, recycle, and read on for more...


Friends of the Earth recycled cement bag briefcase.jpg

Recycled cement bag briefcase from Friends of the Earth 


Kew Gardens cardboard radio.jpg

Cardboard radio and speaker from Kew Gardens


WWF organic toiletry set.png

Organic lavender toiletry set from WWF 


BBKA Bees Annual Mini Meadow Seed Mix.jpg

Mini wildflower meadow seed mix from British Bee Keeping Association "This selection of seeds is particularly attractive to bees [and] will provide sufficient food resources to last through to the first frost."


Sumatran Orangutan Society t-shirt.jpg

96.4% Orangutan t-shirt from Sumatran Orangutan Society


Solar Aid Greenlight Planet Sun King solar lamp.png

Sun king solar lamp from Solar Aid 


Eden project recycled straw notebook.jpg

Straw notepads from The Eden Project


RSPCA bee box.png

Bee house from RSPCA 


Shower timer Eden Project.jpg

Water drop shower timer from The Eden Project 


UNICEF organic cotton pouch.jpg

Organic cotton handbag pouch from UNICEF 


Friends of the Earth natural washing up kit.jpg

Natural washing up kit from Friends of the Earth 


Stuffed - positive action to prevent a global food crisis Soil Association.jpg   Sustrans AA Cycling in the UK.jpg   The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics FoE.jpg

'Stuffed - Positive Action to Prevent a Global Food Crisis' from Soil Association 

'Cycling in the UK' from Sustrans 

'The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics' from Friends of the Earth 


Royal Academt ringpull bag.jpg

Recycled ringpull tab bag from Royal Academy


Amnesty International hedehog care pack.jpg

Hedgehog care pack from Amnesty International 


Traidcraft recycled tyre wallet.jpg

Recyled tyre wallet from Traidcraft 


Sustrans ecogrease.jpg

Eco-grease bike oil from Sustrans 


Woodland Trust jute shopping bag.jpg

'Life's Better With Trees' jute shopping bag from Woodland Trust 


Eden Project baobab hand cream.jpg

Baobab hand cream from The Eden Project 


RSPB bat box.jpg

Bat box from RSPB 


Amnesty International banana leaf slippers.jpg

Banana leaf slippers from Amnesty International


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