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5 ideas to kick start a great New Year

5 ideas to kick start a great New Year

It’s a new year, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and you hopefully are feeling good! If you are thinking on embarking on something new why not have a gander at these ideas below to get you motivated for 2023…


  1. Dry January – set up by the Charity Alcohol concern back in 2013 this has become a staple movement for the start of the year and to start conversations about our relationship to Alcohol. Read more about this here

  1. Get moving – Why not start training for a Marathon….ok, a bit too ambitious how about a a 5k? – whatever fitness stage you are a there is a race to suit you. The NHS couch to 5k is a great way to get started – did you know that the app has been downloaded by 5 million people? Why not join them – it’s free and will get you running a 5k in jut 9 weeks! Find out more here

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  1. Swap meat for Veggies - Veganuary is a charity that promotes a vegan diet for the month of January set up in 2014, according to their website 98% would recommend Veguary to a friend – could you make it a whole month without meat? Veganuary has some great starter ideas here for meal plans

  1. Walk your dog – Who knew – January is also “Walk your dog month”! Why not set up a fundraising campaign around walking your dog – you could post pics of your canine cutie in different locations or give (you) a goal of a set amount of steps per day and see how you get on – what are you waiting for … walkies! For animal charities to support search here

  1. Be Kind – January is home to Blue Monday which falls on January the 16th – be mindful that things may not be a bed of roses for the person next to you at work, on the bus or within your circle of friends and family. Why not do something kind for someone this week – give up your seat on the train for no reason, buy that copy of the big issue, give up your morning coffees for a week and donate the money to charity, simply smile at the person across from you on the bus – something very simple can make someone else’s day that much better! If you or anyone you know needs help with mental health or support please search here for help


Good Luck from us at Charity Choice!