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Emergency appeal for infants in Afghanistan

Date posted: 21 Jul 2011

“Afghanistan’s children face a massive humanitarian crisis,” says Stuart Goodheart, Kids in Asia’s Director of Development Policy “Children are having to face problems that are way beyond their years and abilities to cope”.

In response to this crisis, on July 15, Kids in Asia launched its emergency appeal for children in the strife-torn country. Its aim is to help alleviate the conditions which claim the lives of more than 850 infants under the age of five each day. Last year alone more than 1,050 were killed by air strikes, suicide attacks, crossfire and explosions. Many die from easily treatable diseases like diarrhoea or pneumonia.

“For aid to be effective, it must be planned and carried out in close consultation with affected communities,” says Tricia Noble, Head of International Medical-Relief organisation Transfix. It is only through impartial aid organisations such as Kids in Asia that essential building can be done safely and successfully.”

Proceeds from the appeal will go towards dedicated infant healthcare and educational programmes in the country.

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