Kids in Asia

Making a better tomorrow, today

Registered Charity Number:

51.40675701259, -0.028714599915487

Established in 1966, Kids in Asia is an international charity working with partners in 24 countries. On the ground, we collaborate with more than 3,000 community groups who are ideally placed to know the issues confronting local children. Our approach is to understand the precise challenges the children in any one area face, and to implement support tailored to meet their needs.

The future we’re building

Kids in Asia aims to create lasting solutions to the poverty and suffering endured by millions of children across the world’s most populous continent. We strive to improve the life chances of infants, juniors and teenagers in a region frequently at risk from natural disasters and war. 

With your help, Kids in Asia strives to build a future where children are:

  • Free of poverty – we work to ensure the communities children come from have access to secure, sustainable and equitable employment
  • Free of disease – our disease-prevention initiatives, health-care programmes and housing projects improve the life prospects for hundreds of thousands of young children
  • Free to flourish – through promoting educational opportunities, Kids in Asia helps children to realise their talents and to live productive, rewarding and happy lives

Boots on the ground

Kids in Asia delivers immediate life-saving assistance to children affected by natural disasters. Following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, for example, we helped co-ordinate food and emergency housing for some 15,000 young dependants who had been orphaned.

What you can do

At Kids In Asia we really appreciate your help and it’s not just money we are looking for! We’re always collecting clothing and toiletries for our emergency aid kits. Why not help out practically? We’re also looking for volunteers to help us with anything from stuffing envelopes and sorting donated goods to finding people that have the skills we need to help children in the worst affected areas, be that medics or carpenters! There are so many ways you can help and every bit helps us get closer to achieving our goals!