St John's Hospice (London)

Registered Charity Number: 235822

Help St John's Hospice Win £3000

Date Posted: 08 Sep 2014

We have been very lucky to have been nominated for a Lloyds Community Fund Award this month where we could win £3000! This is a huge amount of money that will make a real difference to St John’s Hospice.

 But to win this award, we need YOUR help!

 There are three ways in which you can vote:


 1. Vote by Tweeting #COMMFUND MNP or simply re-tweet our posts by clicking here

2. You can cast your vote by texting VOTE MNP to 61119

3. You can also VOTE ONLINE please visit the Llyods Community Fund page here


Please do tell everyone you know as the more votes we get, the more likely we will win the £3000.

Thank you for your continued support, we couldn’t do it without you!