RSPCA Wimbledon and District

Registered Charity Number: 210637

From a supporter & previous RSPCA cat

Date Posted: 25 Nov 2015

"I write to let you know my beloved Muffin passed away in November 2014, he was 17 years old. He had such a happy nature & made me laugh. I miss him greatly, as do my friends when they visit.

I don't know if you remember Muffin, he was rescued from the Sunlight factory near Brixton in 1997. His mother had got in through an open window & given birth to a litter of four kittens, the whole family were rescued by RSPCA.

I am forever grateful to RSPCA for the financial support  towards some veterinary fees which I could not afford, which enabled me to look after Muffin for all his life. I would therefore like to give you a donation of what I can afford.

Muffin will always be with me & I will never stop loving him, he loved the sunshine & was always near me whether I was washing, cooking or writing letters. When I was gardening he was right beside me. I loved watching his delight in nature, chasing butterflies, watching bumble bees & the raindrops falling, or just when he was curled up fast asleep. We used to chase each other up & down the hallway. When I talked to him, he used to answer me with a variety of different little noises & meows & we had long conversations together. He purred nearly all the time. I remember just how much he was my little friend & I still love him & miss greatly.

Thank you again, RSPCA"