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Job Stability Most Worrying For Surveyors

Date Posted: 03 Jun 2013

In a recent poll by LionHeart, the benevolent fund for RICS members and their families, 36.8% of respondents said that job stability worried them the most, while 26.3% said their health and wellbeing followed closely behind.

Job instability can have "a major impact on someone's physical and mental health and sense of well being", said Clare Davis, Volunteer and Welfare Officer, LionHeart. "Regular reliable employment provides a sense of purpose and security that enables people to plan for the future. In contrast, when you experience job loss, it can lead to you having low self-esteem, physical ill-health, feeling socially isolated, anxious, stressed, and depressed".

One of the major consequences of job instability is raising debt and relationship breakdown with family members and friends, which can all add to an already difficult situation.

Lionheart has support volunteers, befriending volunteers and telephone befrienders across the UK, ready to offer support to RICS members and their families who are facing unemployment and other health and wellbeing problems. Volunteers offer an additional support to other services provided by LionHeart.

"Our services are not a one size fits all approach, together with our partners and other services like financial support and our popular Back to Work Scheme, our volunteers add real value as they help members who are feeling cut-off and low because of their situation" said Tracy Vernon, Welfare Officer (Online), LionHeart. "Our volunteers bring an additional dimension to our welfare package at LionHeart which ensures that we offer a full and whole service to the individuals and families that we serve".

As the UK says 'Thank You' to volunteers during Volunteer Week 2013, LionHeart encourages RICS members and their families to make use of the selfless services offered by its volunteers, as well as the other package of support on offer to them.

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