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For 24 years, the Counselling Pastoral Trust (CPT) has been a pioneer in providing effective care in restoring individuals, marriages and families from negative behaviours, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, domestic violence and other social/emotional issues.


According to the NHS, one in four adults and one in ten children experience recognisable forms of mental illness at some point every year.  These statistics hide many others who have not accessed available services. The lack of support for children and young people is a particular concern, where approximately 800,000 children in England suffer from mental health difficulties.  Again, many more are unaccounted for.


There is no quick fix when it comes to mental wellbeing, but as the 900 individuals that CPT supports every year have experienced through the model of Schema Therapy, it is possible to have lasting positive change, even for those with complex needs.


Attitudes towards mental health problems are continuing to change for the better, but the majority of people grappling with these issues are quite isolated from individualised help or information, and dependent on the informal support of family, friends or colleagues.


We believe our services need to remain accessible and affordable to positively influence as many individuals, marriages and families as possible.  Nobody should face a mental health problem alone.

Friends of CPT is the nucleus of our charity.  We do not receive statutory funding and 50% of our income is derived from fees paid by clients for therapy and training.  The balance of our income is attributed to donations and grants.

Options : 

Friend (Single) £50

Friend (Joint) £80

Friend (Concession Single) £35

Friend (Concession Joint) £55

Best Friend (Single) £145

Best Friend (Joint) £195

Lifetime Friend (Single) £750

Lifetime Friend (Joint) £975

Corporate Friend £600


* Concessions for full-time students, under 21 and over 65

** Travel and accommodation expenses must be covered by the company.

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