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Find out how charities spend their income

It can be difficult to decide which charity to support when they all use their income in different ways.

To make it easier for you to choose a charity, we have two different reports that you can use to gain more information.

All you need to do is find a charity in our directory, then go to their profile and click on the type of report you want to look at.

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Which report is right for you?

Free Reports

Our Free Reports are for people who would like to gain a little bit of extra knowledge before they decide which charity to help. They cover the top 10,000 UK charities by income, and are an easy way to get a bite-sized overview of how a charity spends its income. You can order as many as you like, making it easy to compare the charities you are interested in.

Each Free Report includes:

  • How much the charity spends on charitable activities, fundraising, and other costs
  • How much extra money they raise for every £1 they spend on fundraising
  • How much money the charity raised via fundraising last year
  • Their income and expenditure for the past five years

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Detailed Reports

The Detailed Reports give an in-depth view of a charity’s financial activities, and are designed for people or organisations who want to get a comprehensive insight into a charity’s spending. These might include corporate social responsibility directors, grant making trusts, public bodies, or individuals looking to leave a legacy or make a large donation. The reports cover the top 5,000 UK charities, and are an invaluable way to ensure you are making an informed decision on where to lend your support.

Each Detailed Report can include any of the following items, dependant on what data is contained within their filed accounts:

  • Structure of the organisation
  • Operations and area of benefit
  • Executives and trustees
  • Contact details
  • Financial overview including income, expenditure and funds
  • Financial data over five years
  • Total income
  • Voluntary income
  • Activities for generating funds
  • Investment income
  • Charitable activity income
  • Other income
  • Donated income versus earned income
  • Total expenditure
  • Charitable activities and beneficiaries
  • Fundraising costs
  • Cost for activities to generate funds
  • Investment costs
  • Governance
  • Other expenditure
  • Staff costs
  • Fixed assets and liabilities
  • Investments

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Where do we get our data?

The figures in each report are sourced directly from each charity’s financial accounts, which come from the Charity Commission. Further analysis is provided by Charity Financials, experts in third sector financial information.

You can find out more about our methodology and glossary of terms here.