Charity Choice Free Reports


Charity Choice Free Reports

At Charity Choice we understand that it can be difficult to decide which charity to support. To help with this we have developed FREE easy-to-use financial reports which include;

  • How much the charity spends on charitable activities, raising funds, and other costs
  • How much extra money they raise for every £1 they spend on fundraising
  • How much money the charity raised via fundraising last year
  • Their income and expenditure for the past five years

Data from a trusted source

The figures in each report are sourced directly from each charity’s financial accounts. Further analysis is provided by Charity Financials, experts in third sector financial information. You can find out more about our methodology and glossary of terms here.

Find Your Charity — Download a report

To find a charity report simply search for a charity, go to their profile page and click on the yellow “Free report” button

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Need a more detailed report?

Occasionally you may need a more detailed report – we can help with that too! Our detailed reports give an in-depth view of a charity’s financial activities and are designed for people or organisations who want to get a comprehensive insight into a charity’s spending. These might include corporate social responsibility directors, grant making trusts, public bodies, or individuals looking to leave a legacy or make a large donation. The reports cover the top 5,000 UK charities, and are an invaluable way to ensure you are making an informed decision on where to lend your support.

Take a look at a sample report - click here 

Find a charity report now!