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The Charity Choice Charity themed tea-break quiz!

Need a quick breather from working from home? Since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown there has been a rise in quizzing as a form of fun family & friend teams entertainment. From zooming get togethers to larger scale set ups like Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz on YouTube – an overnight success that has raised thousands of £££ for charities and still sees thousands of participants every week - quizzes have got us all through some tough times!

The Charity Choice team loves a quiz – even more so if it’s raising money for our wonderful charities so, just for the sheer fun of it, here are a few questions for you all to try out at home…..If you enjoyed this quiz why not set up your own to raise money for your favourite charity?



1. How many charities are there in England & Wales

A)      184,077

B)      500,343

C)      50,010



2. According to the Charity Commission records which children’s charity is the oldest?

A)      Save the Children

B)      Barnardo’s

C)      NSPCC



3. Which UK charity did the most people leave a gift in their will to in 2019

A)      Cancer Research UK

B)      The RNLI

C)      Guide dogs for the Blind



 4.Name these charities by their logos

Name these charities by their logos




5. Act FAST and call 999 is the advice of which charity

A. The Stroke Association

B. Cats Protection

3. The Trussell Trust


 6. The Independent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) provides help and advice to people with diabetes but do you know how many people in the UK suffer from this chronic disease?

A. 2.2 million

B. 500,000 people

C. 935,000 people



The Answers