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Paul O’Grady goes behind the scenes at The Salvation Army

Paul O’Grady goes behind the scenes at The Salvation Army

Since childhood Paul O’Grady has dreamed of two things: “My childhood ambition was to beat the drum in The Salvation Army and work in a dry cleaners...and I've done neither of them.” This Easter Sunday (27th March), Paul O’Grady launches his new series uncovering the sheer scope of what The Salvation Army delivers to some of the most vulnerable people in the country.

Founded more than 150 years ago by social entrepreneurs, William and Catherine Booth, The Salvation Army has been a pioneering force in social care – supporting vulnerable people in escaping their situation and giving them hope. 

Paul O’Grady embarks on a journey across the six-part series to discover what it is like to work alongside skilled staff, volunteers and officer at The Salvation Army’s centres, transforming people’s lives. Under the expert guidance of Captain Jo Moir, Paul uncovers the work of more than 800 community churches and social centres offering compassionate support, a listening ear and practical help. “We are 150 years old now and, on the whole, the general public has no idea about the scope of the work we do and why we do it. Some of the film crew thought that we just help ‘homeless people’ but that’s just one of the areas of our work."

The series begins on BBC One on Easter Sunday, 27th March at 6:05pm. For more information please visit The Salvation Army

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