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Rascal van Russ

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London, London (Greater London)

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My name is Rascal van Russ.
I am young and inspiring producer and DJ, making electronic dance music.
I am based in London for the last 10 years and only had my first professional gig in 2010 at Ministry Of Sound.
My dream is to travel around the world and share the music with everyone who appreciate it, plus i want to give them smiles and make them happy for at least one night!

I have two children, two beautiful daughters, Daniella 4, and Delia 2.
I decided to start helping children that suffer from cruelty, because I know there are a lot of cases out there, where a little kid is left for abuse without anyone near him that can protect him.

This October (2012) I have got one special EP release (Why Don't We [Beyond Recordings]) out for sale in all major internet stores such as iTunes, Amazon or JunoDownload. I would like to give away all money i will make from this release to "National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Children" (NSPCC). It will probably take some time, but I believe I can pull some funds there and will dedicate it all to this charity group.
So please help me to make it happen!

Thanks for the support!

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