Workers' Educational Association

Registered Charity Number: 1112775

The WEA is the UK’s largest charitable provider of adult education, delivering 9,500 part-time courses for over 78,000 people each year in England and Scotland. Through education, the WEA brings teaching and people together to inspire communities and helps adults make better lives for themselves and their families. Democratic, equal, inclusive, accessible and open, the WEA’s mission is to:

  • Raise educational aspirations
  • Bring great teaching and learning to local communities
  • Ensure there is always an opportunity for adults to return to learn
  • Develop educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged
  • Involve students and supporters as members to build an education movement for social purpose
  • Inspire students, teachers and members to become active citizens


Contact Us

Workers' Educational Association 4 Luke Street

Phone: 020 7426 3450

Fax: 020 7426 3451