Myeloma UK

Registered Charity Number: SC026116

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Myeloma UK is the only organisation in the UK focused specifically on myeloma.


Registered as a charity in 1997 we are working to help myeloma patients live longer and with a better quality of life by:

  • accelerating the discovery and development of new treatments
  • increasing access to treatment and care

We are working to improve standards of treatment and care through funding research, delivering health care professional education programmes, campaigning and raising awareness.

We take an integrated approach to addressing the critical barriers and challenges that are blocking and slowing down myeloma research and the development of new treatments.

Myeloma UK offers a wide range of services to support patients and their families as well as funding a world-leading genetic research programme to discover and develop new “tailored” treatments. Our Clinical Trial Network of around 30 hospitals across the UK allows patients access to new life-extending drugs, providing them with the best possible treatment and care.

Myeloma operates with a small but effective team, managed by an expert Board and led by professional advisory boards.

Myeloma UK doesn’t benefit from any government funding and relies on voluntary donations and fundraising activities.

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