Mercy Ships

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My Legacy Gift to a Ship with a Cargo of Mercy

Date Posted: 19 Apr 2018

“Dear Mercy Ships supporter,

On 29th March 2007, I stood on the north bank of the River Tyne watching the Africa Mercy hospital ship embark on her journey to deliver health and healing to the world’s poorest people.

 I had followed her refit at the A & P yard over a number of years and visited the ship on several occasions.

Over a decade later, the Africa Mercy is still continuing to bring hope, healing and joy to thousands of adults and children, who through no fault of their own cannot afford medical care.

I love the work of Mercy Ships.  So as I enter into the final season of my life, it seems a natural progression for me to include a gift for Mercy Ships in my Will – a gift that I hope will benefit so many people in the years and decades to come.

In material terms, my house is my most valuable asset, and it is my intention to leave the proceeds from its sale after my death to those who desperately need a chance to live a life free from pain and suffering.

For me this is a moral commitment.  Having made this decision, I feel a sense of peace and satisfaction from knowing that my legacy gift in some way will redress the obscene imbalance in our world’s wealth.

I hope that as you think about how your legacy will impact the lives and stories of other people that you too will consider including a gift to Mercy Ships in your Will.

Finally, my legacy gift is also my way of saying ‘thank you and keep up the good work’ to all the amazing volunteers who donate their time and expertise to Mercy Ships.

May you continue to save and change countless lives in the years to come.”

David P. Normanton