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Mothers' feedback to Toy Box

Date posted: 08 Mar 2016

In honour of International Women’s Day, KidsOut would like to recognise all of the mothers we work with who have fled domestic violence and are doing their best to look out for their children. Below we have compiled just a few of the comments these mothers have sent us about our Toy Box service and what it means to them to see their children happy again. Thank you to all of our supporters for making these comments possible.

 “How happy my children now are. Myself and my children have just come out of a refuge and we had lost all our toys. The smile now on the children’s faces are priceless.”

“What an unexpected surprise, it made me cry. I thought the post person had got the wrong person. We lost so much when we had to flee our home, it helped towards my children replacing lost toys and starting again.”

“It was lovely to see the children get excited about them [the boxes], they said it was like Christmas again, but these boxes were so much better than I could do.”

“It's exciting and very pleasing to receive anything like this for your child. It has different stuff to keep him busy for hours and things which are very useful and reusable. It will make him feel no different than any other kid and it will make him very happy.”

“The children were very excited and it felt like Christmas came early. We have given away a lot of our toys when we left our home. I wasn't able to replace them. This was a lovely gesture, and the kids really enjoy playing with toys. I also explained where they came from, which will help them appreciate them even more.”

“I really struggled this Christmas to buy gifts for my children. It helped me feel less guilty and felt like a 2nd Christmas to my kids. They felt wanted and will be able to go back to school and feel like the other children.”

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