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Needed! WHOLE-CHILD education

Date Posted: 11 Oct 2018

Report after report indicates that young people's wellbeing is being jeopardised, including their physical and mental health, on account of the intense focus on exams and tests.

The exciting news is that we will soon be launching a new, holistic programme for children aged 5 to 11 - THE BIG THINK - empowering them with attitudes, skills and knowledge so that they can manage well, ALL the dimensions of their daily lives - emotional, social, spiritual, physical and mental.

In 2017, the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust held a series of round table sessions involving a large cross section of people from politics, education and the youth sector, to discuss the importance of character development, particularly in relation to employability and the ability of education establishments to provide this important and often overlooked part of education.  In July 2018 the resulting White Paper was issued: 'The Opportunities and Challenges offered by Character Education'.

It is proposed that Character Development is defined as: when people align their actions with their considered values.

Please support our work that promotes a WHOLE-SCHOOL approach to WHOLE-CHILD development that delivers a WHOLE-LIFE foundation.