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Launch of THE BIG THINK empowering children for life

Date Posted: 04 Jul 2019

With the concerning state of many children’s mental, physical and emotional health becoming ever more evident, the tide is turning in the education sector and at last, action is being taken to redress the harmful imbalance created during the past decade or so by the intense focus on high-stakes academic performance at the expense of tending to squeeze out of school timetables, space for young people’s more rounded, holistic development.

We are excited about the potential of the fresh approaches to education now being taken and our new Personal Development programme THE BIG THINK for ages 4 to 11 ( that will help teachers drive real improvements in their schools and give more young citizens the broad, empowering education they need so that, equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills and values, they are better able to blossom as unique individuals and go on to destinations that meet their aspirations.

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR WORK enabling children to flourish from the outset of their school careers as they learn to THINK and MANAGE THEIR EMOTIONS so that they can maximise their potential and lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives