Christina Noble Children's Foundation

Giving Children back their Childhood

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Harrow, Middlesex

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Mission - Christina Noble Children's Foundation (CNCF) is dedicated to serving the physical, medical, educational and emotional needs of vulnerable children. We believe that every child is an individual who deserves love, respect and freedom from all forms of abuse and exploitation. We establish long-term relationships with children to support and empower them to live happy, emotionally rich, and independent lives.


Our vision - A united world where children are free from suffering, poverty, exploitation, fear, and oppression


What we do - Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) alleviates poverty and suffering by providing crucial, grassroots humanitarian services to communities in Vietnam and Mongolia, that have been profoundly affected by years of poverty and the lasting effects of war.

Amidst sadly increasing community inequalities, our healthcare, education and community development programmes focus on nurturing and empowering our incredible young people. This is done through: early education programmes; child sponsorship; residential boys and girls’ homes; sporting, arts and music programme.

These initiatives are driven by a philosophy that recognises the children as individuals with different needs, physical and emotional, and importantly, Christina chose to call her work a ‘foundation’ to highlight that CNCF’s work is about changing the futures of children in need by giving them a strong foundation for their entire lives.


History - Christina Noble established CNCF in 1991 in Ho Chi Minh City after visiting Vietnam in 1989 and seeing first-hand the challenges faced by local children living on the streets in extreme poverty in the aftermath of the war.

Christina was strongly driven by her own childhood in poverty, having survived years of hardship in orphanages and homelessness on the streets of Dublin. Her difficult beginnings fuelled her passion for children’s rights worldwide, to which she has dedicated her life. 

In 1997, Christina travelled to Mongolia and saw first-hand the deprivation and poverty left behind after the withdrawal of the Soviet Union and the socio-economic collapse of the country. Christina expanded CNCF’s operations to help the thousands of children forced to live on the dilapidated, freezing streets of Ulaanbaatar.



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