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Take Home a Tortie!

Tortoiseshell cats have a reputation as being particularly talkative felines with unique and feisty personalities - so much so it is known as 'tortitude' (yes, really). Here are six beautiful torties from UK animal shelters currently looking for homes, could one of them be your new BFF?

Check out the websites of any of these charities if you are thinking of adopting, and don't forget to read our top tips on adopting a pet from an animal shelter!


chrystal cats in crisis animal charity.jpg

Chrystal comes from Cats in Crisis Thanet: "Chrystal is a friendly tortie girl who just loves to have her chin rubbed. She would make someone an excellent companion, and gets on fine with other cats. She has a slightly gunky eye which may need occasional veterinary attention, and ongoing issues with her gums. She is a really lovely girl, and we would love her to find a home, so we would consider keeping her on our books at the vets for any treatment she needs if that means she can find a home."


cleo celia hammond animal home charity.jpg

Cleo has a sad story, we do hope she finds a loving new home soon. From Celia Hammond Animal Trust: "Cleo is a friendly 1 year old brindle tortie who was brought to us by her owners for emergency treatment because she had a rectal prolapse which had become flyblown. Our vets immediately treated her and had to remove many maggots. They also discovered that chewing gum had been stuffed into both of Cleo’s ears, we think that this could have been put there by the children that she shared a home with. Her owners informed us that they weren’t prepared to pay anymore than £5 for Cleo’s treatment and if it cost more than that then they’d rather have Cleo put to sleep. We felt that Cleo would be better off in a home elsewhere and fortunately her owners agreed to give her up so that we could find her a new home. Cleo has now recovered well and we are hopeful that there won’t be any further complications. She is the most adorable and affectionate little cat; she loves people and other cats. She is only a year old and is playful and loves affection."


dolly mayhew animal home charity.jpg

Pretty Dolly comes from The Mayhew Animal Home: "I’m a very affectionate girl who adores attention and a good neck rub. I like to venture outdoors every once in a while but am also keen on home comforts too. I can be quite a playful girl so please come and say hello. I’d suit a quiet, gentle home without children where I can have time to settle and blossom into the loving, loyal girl I am. If in doubt, food is the way to my heart! I love company so if you work from home or are about a lot I’m the gal for you. I can still be skittish but once you earn my trust, I’m very loyal and will gently ask for affection with my quiet little mew. I’ll also snooze with you in bed and cuddle as close to you as possible while sat watching TV…which I also like to do! Wildlife programmes are my favourite! Due to either a past trauma or congenital defect, I have a misaligned jaw. Luckily it doesn’t cause me any problems, as I can eat, drink and mew just fine. If anything it adds to my charm!"


toffee bath dogs cats home rspca.jpg

Toffee is from Bath Cats and Dogs Home: "Toffee has come to us through no fault of her own. she is very sweet and gentle. She likes to go at her own pace! She loves her cosy sleeping spots and having company - she will greet you nicely when you visit. She would like a quiet home."


Maggie cats protection charity sutton.jpg

Maggie is from Cats Protection (Sutton & Cheam) seems to be a little tongue tied! "Maggie is a friendly dark 'tortie' who is approx 3 years old and is a neutered female. Sadly her owner is in a nursing home and will no longer be able to care for Maggie. Maggie is a little nervous at present and would be best kept as a single cat, probably with an adult family or one with older children."


ruby battersea dogs cats home charity.JPG

Ruby is from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home: "Ruby is a gentle, sensitive and sweet natured girl. She has an anxious side to her character and is looking for a quieter home with no other pets or young children. Once Ruby knows you she is very affectionate & smoochy, she loves to sit on your lap & be fussed. Ruby is worried by noise or too much going on, she needs a calm and settled home. Ruby can have controlled access to outside when owners are home. Although she can be left while owners are out at work she would prefer owners that do not work long hours, she loves company. Ruby is frightened by other cats so will need to live in a lower cat populated area so she can visit her garden in safety. Ruby really is a lovely little lady with lots to offer new owners, she will make a great companion."


If you'd like to find a local animal shelter, use our Advanced Search form to find animal charities near your postcode. A friendly tortie could be waiting just for you!