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Take note- February’s top 5 awareness events

Take note- February’s top 5 awareness events

Now you’re well and truly stuck into 2018, check out our top official awareness events for February and find out how you can get involved.

1.       Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week – 5 February

By supporting Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week you’ll be joining the campaign that says #itsnotok. There are many ways to get involved on the official campaign page. To find out the many ways you can get involved, visit the campaign page here.

2.       Safer Internet Day – 6 February  

It’s safe to say that we would all like to live in a world where the internet is a secure place. So, what can we do about it? Getting involved in Safer Internet Day is the first step.

Schools run sessions for students, companies reach out to employees, police services, charities, government and wider reach out through their networks; celebrities add their voice; and individuals across the UK reach out on the day to their families and friends.

Keen to get involved? Find out more here.

3.       Random Acts of Kindness Day – 17 February

What could be better? A day built solely around being kind. If this sounds up your street, why not become a RAKtivist? That’s right, a RAKtivist (Random Acts of Kindness activist) is a real thing. RAKtivists are kindness ambassadors—and, like all ambassadors, they’re a part of an active, global community. If this is your calling, find out more here.

4.       Eating Disorders Awareness Week – 27 February

Eating Disorders Awareness Week is an international awareness week, and every year Beat focuses on issues that matter to people affected by eating disorders. Past awareness weeks have focused on self-esteem, eating disorders in the workplace, and the importance of good understanding of eating disorders among GPs. Beat have carried out surveys, run petitions, spoken to media outlets, and addressed parliament in a bid to raise awareness of eating disorders and encourage understanding and compassion towards those affected. Find out more here.

5.       Rare Disease Day – 28 February

The main objective of Rare Disease Day is to raise awareness about rare diseases and their impact on patients' lives. The campaign targets the public, seeking to raise awareness with policy makers, public authorities, industry representatives, researchers, health professionals and anyone who has a genuine interest in rare diseases. Find out more here