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Join the world’s biggest coffee morning

macmillan world biggest coffee morning

Macmillan are hosting their annual world’s biggest coffee morning on 30th September, so make sure your oven is set!

In 2015 Macmillan raised a staggering £25 million as part of their fundraising event for people facing cancer. Since starting in 1990, the coffee morning has boomed into a baking bonanza with people hosting events on small and large scales across the UK.

As part of the campaign to support the 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK, Macmillan’s goal is to be there for suffers and their families providing medical, emotional, practical and financial support.

"I live on my own, so after diagnosis I had to cope, I had to arrange everything. I had to arrange my hospital appointments. I had to arrange to have a taxi take me. There are times when you’re sitting there and thinking, I wish somebody would make me a drink. But if you want one you’ve got to go and make it yourself. Without Macmillan it would have been quite lonely." Cath, cancer patient supported by Macmillan.  

If you fancy hosting a coffee morning at work, school or at home get your free coffee morning kit and discover the top tips that will make your event a success:   

  1. Invite everyone
  2. Ask for money
  3. Make it look lovely


Read their full range of tips here

As well as ideas to help you get creative and top tips on how to get people there they've launched amazing recipes from Paul Hollywood’s Chocolate and Sour cherry bread  to Rupert Grint’s ginger and dark chocolate biscuits.

Find the full line-up of beautiful baking recipes here.

If the thought of being the hostess with the mostest is too much, search and find a coffee morning near you that you can support. 



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