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The joy of giving

Date posted: 13 Sep 2016

This September, Remember A Charity Week are asking the nation to pass on something legendary. By reflecting on the words of wisdom they would pass on to future generations, the ‘Legends pass it on’ campaign celebrates people passing on a legacy to the future through both their giving and their legendary advice..

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Canines go contactless!

Date posted: 07 Sep 2016

With contactless payments in the UK contributing to 18% of card spending (up from 7% in 2015), Blue Cross, the charity promoting kindness to animals and responsible animal ownership, have come up with a clever way of fundraising using new technology.

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Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Date posted: 05 Sep 2016

This September, Blood Cancer Awareness month and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month have joined forces to campaign for an increase in awareness of childhood leukaemia. More than 460 children in the UK are diagnosed with leukaemia every year, so we’re learning this month about how to spot symptoms,

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