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Be bake sale ready with our delicious cake recipe

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If you’re taking part in a bake sale and raising money for your favourite charity, then we are providing you with a fail proof sponge recipe to help your cake to be a big hit!


Ingredients Needed:

340g (12 oz) self raising flour

280g (10 oz) caster sugar

280g (10 oz) butter

5 eggs

3 tablespoons milk


Baking Method:


Step 1 - Before you even think about making your cake mixture you need to pre-heat your oven to 150C or Gas mark 2. You should pre-heat your oven for at least 5 minutes prior to putting the mixture into the oven.


Step 2 - The ingredients listed are enough to fill an 8 inch cake tin, so make sure that you grease and line your tin with grease proof paper and put it to one side so it's ready for when you've finished the mixture.


Step 3 - Sieve your flour into a mixing bowl so it's lump free, and then add all of the other measured out ingredients into the bowl. Use an electric mix (or you can mix it by hand if you’re feeling strong!) on a slow speed until all the ingredients are smooth and well blended.


Step 4 - Pour the creamy mixture into your pre-prepared tin and place into the heated oven. Let the cake cook for at least 1 hour 15 mins. Make sure that you don’t open the oven door during this time as it will cause the cake to sink the middle. (Booooo)


Step 5 - After the 1hour 15 minutes you should test to see if the cake is cooked. You can do this by prodding a skewer or knife through the centre of the cake. If they come out clean with no mixture on then your cake is cooked. Hoorah!


Step 6 - Let the cake cool down completely on a cooling rack (if you don't have a cooling rack then just put it to one side). Once the cake is completely cool you can ice it, but remember if you try to ice it while it’s still warm then the icing will just melt down the side of your beautifully made cake.


Step 7 - Your cake is now delicious and ready for the bake sale. Good job!