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Banish loathed clothes

british heart foundation donations

In a bid to clean up wardrobes and get people donating goods, the British Heart Foundation have discovered more than half of women despise their partnerís dress sense!

The BHF have launched their annual stock donation campaign, Bag It Beat It which encourages the public to turn their pre-loved items into life-saving heart research and according to research, 56% of women are prepared to lie, cheat or even vandalise their partner's clothes in a bid to banish undesirable clothes.

Coming top of the Ďmost hatedí list in a manís wardrobe were jogging bottoms, football shirts slogan t-shirts and comedy ties and 17% of women said they would even buy their partner an entirely new wardrobe in order to update their fashion tastes.

Itís not only one sided, 39% of men also canít stand what their partner wears with leggings, baggy jeans, and sweat pants topping their most hated items.

ďItís surprising to see that more than half of women are unhappy with their partnerís dress sense, but whatís even more interesting is the lengths that people will go to to get rid of the offending items. One survey respondent even threw their partnerís T-shirt out of the balcony while on holiday Ė and he didnít even notice!

If you or your partner are in need of a wardrobe refresh why not visit your local BHF shop? This September we are appealing to the public to donate unwanted items so that we can raise vital funds for life-saving heart research. An ill-fitting dress on one person can be a show stopper on another, so why not clear out the clutter and treat yourself to a new look while youíre at it?Ē Niki Elliott, BHF Retail Area Manager.

If this has inspired you to have a September clear our join the Bag It Beat it campaign

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