Uganda Orphans Bega Kwa Bega

Registered Charity Number: 1100378

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We are a Community based organisaton in Uganda, supporting orphans, vulnerable children and their carers. 

We work towrds keeping orphans in the own homes and on their own land by working with the whle village.

If orphans are sent to an orphanage they lose everything:  nowhere to live when they leave the orphanage and no land to cultivate and so feed themselves.

We have 5 linked projects : WATER:  159 clean water sources to date (2014) serving 215,000 people.

HEALTH:  our Mobile Clininc travels to remote villages.  16,000 pateients were treated last year.  Health Education is an essential part of these visits.

AGRICULTURE & NUTRITION:  We provide training in environmentally friendly farming practivcs.  Our Organic Demonstration Farm plays an important part in educating adults and children.

INCOME GENERATION: We facilitate workshops on Business Mangement and Skills Training and give practical help in setting up small businesses, 203 to date.

EDUCATION:  We sponsor orphans and vulnerable children through their schooling and further education.

We work in 9 districts in Uganda.

We partner a demonstration Nursery School which is a centre of excellence and provdes training for Nursery and Lower Primary School teachers.

We are working towards becoming self-sufficient.  First steps have been made.  We have set up a Play and Learning Centre on a busy road where well off Ugandans pay a small fee to enter.  It has become a popular venue for families and friends to gather and enjoy themselves.  Excellent food and drink adds to the income.  All profits go to BkB.