The Margaret Jackson Trust

Registered Charity Number: 290240

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Launched in July 2002, The Rape and Sexual Abuse Line is a Freephone, anonymous, listening service for survivors of rape and sexual abuse in Devon, who are over the age of 16 years.  It is the only such service in Devon which offers support to male survivors over the age of 16; other services have age-restrictions in place.  Being listened to, assured of confidentiality, can be an essential part of the process enabling survivors to move forward with their lives.

The line provides information and support for the survivors' families and friends also.  Our staff can give advice, information and training to other professionals and services.  Line-volunteers, who are trained before starting, host the Line.  There are two lines open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7.00pm-10.00pm.  Research indicates the most vulnerable time for survivors is the evening, when other services are not available and when the abuse may have occurred.

We receive on average 2,000 calls annually and work with local services, such as Sexual Assault Referral Centres, to ensure their clients can access our service.

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