Personal Support Unit

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Every year, thousands of people in the UK face court alone. Without help, they have to represent themselves while they go through a divorce, seek custody of their children, or face eviction from their home. They are forced to navigate a complex legal system alone, often against the professional legal representation of the other party.

The increase in cuts to legal aid over recent years has meant that thousands more people face the civil or family courts alone. Their access to justice is limited by how overwhelming the legal system can be to those who have never faced it before, and many struggle to represent themselves effectively in court.

Our 750 volunteers provide a free service across England and Wales, offering support and guidance before, during, and after court. We ensure that those facing court alone feel prepared and supported in accessing justice.

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Personal Support Unit Room M104
Royal Courts of Justice

Phone: 020 7947 7701

Fax: 020 7947 7702


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