Making The Leap

Registered Charity Number: 1058648

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We are a social mobility charity aiming to transform futures by raising the aspirations of young people aged 11-25 and helping them to develop the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed to succeed in the careers of their choosing.

Our concern is that in this country how much your parents earn is the biggest factor in how well a child will do in life, this means that over 3million children never get a chance to succeed, not because they are lazy, not because they don't want to or because they are not capable, but simply because they happen to be born poor.

By the time they do their GCSEs, a bright child from a poor family will be overtaken by an average ability child from amongst their more affluent peers. This is a waste of potential on an industrial scale.

At MTL, we believe that there should be no young person left behind and that they all should develop the skills and mind-set that will lift them out of poverty. That’s why we help raise the aspirations and access to opportunities of those from the toughest schools, so they can become all that their talent and hard work will allow them to be.  Through our programmes, we help young people to believe in themselves, to understand that they can be whatever they want to be, and we show them how. 

Contact Us

Making The Leap Harriet Tubman House
Hazel Road
Kensal Green
NW10 5PP

Phone: 0208 962 1900

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