Leukaemia Busters

Registered Charity Number: 1157147
Southampton, Hampshire

50.933021867706, -1.4350898859575

Leukaemia Busters is a charity funding research into children's leukaemia pioneering the development of new and improved antibody-based therapies for patients with currently incurable forms of leukaemia.  Based at Southampton General Hospital the charity funds scientists working from The Simon Flavell Leukaemia Research Laboratory who have made seminal discoveries that promise to revolutionise the treatment of leukaemia and possibly other forms of cancer in the foreseeable future. We are totally funded by public donation and 97 pence of every £1 donated goes towards funding the research and only 3 pence to administration.   Although we are only a relatively small local charity the research work is potentially of global importance.  By supporting us you will help us in  our quest to banish leukaemia as the killer disease that it still is for many patients.