Lapa Helping Animals In Russia

Registered Charity Number: 1155562

51.422454779291, 0.059342012581664

LAPA is a new UK animal charity founded in early 2013 with the aim to help animals in Russia. Its founders have been involved in animal welfare work in Russia and abroad for many years.

Our trustees do not receive any financial benefit from LAPA's activities. Instead they invest their time, energy and money in LAPA's work.

We comply with the highest standards of the UK Charity Commission. Our registration with them is pending until we reach their £5,000 threshold in donations.

We focus on stray cats and dogs in Russia. In the future we hope also to deal with the issues of welfare of wild animals in captivity.

We help a number of private shelters for dogs and cats and volunteer groups who help dogs in municipal rescue centres in Moscow, Moscow region and Ekaterinburg.

Our aim in Russia :

  • Stop cruelty to animals
  • Promote an increase of animal welfare standards
  • Stop pet overpopulation using humane methods based on TNR (trap, neuter, release) sterilisation programmes and comprehensive legislation that resolves the cause  of the overpopulation problem.
  • Provide care and find good homes to abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs
  • Campaign for animal welfare legislation and its enforcement

We believe:

  • That animals must be treated humanely
  • That how we treat animals is a measure on how healthy, cultured and civilised our society is

We are always looking for volunteers! Please get in touch if you would like to support our cause.