Injured Jockeys Fund

Registered Charity Number: 1107395
Newmarket, Suffolk

The Injured Jockeys Fund is a charitable trust that assists jockeys who have suffered injury. Since 1964 the Fund has paid out over £17m in medical, financial and pastoral care to over 1,000 jockeys (their spouses, or dependants) some of whom have been unable to ride or even work again. Last year alone the Fund paid out more than £1.25m in assistance to over 350 beneficiaries, some of whom will require life long assistance due to the severity of their injuries. The demand for assistance to injured jockeys is great and the Fund endeavours to provide the best and most appropriate assistance to those in need. Oaksey House in Lambourn was opened in 2009 to provide accommodation for old and severely disabled jockeys, medical consultation facilities, Physiotherapy and a specialist gym to help speed recovery and rehabilitation. Oaksey House has rapidly proved its worth, so much so that a similar project is being considered in the north. The Injured Jockeys Fund's reserves have been built up from legacies, donations and the money made from the sale of Christmas Cards and Calendars but as our only guaranteed source of income is from investment (£1/2m), it is vital that the racing public continue their generous support of the Fund. More information and ways to support the IJF can be seen on the website

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