InDependent Diabetes Trust

Registered Charity Number: 1058284
Northampton, Northamptonshire

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The InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) was formed in 1994 by people living with diabetes for people with diabetes. Because of this we know and understand many of the day-to-day difficulties of people who live with diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2, their families, friends and the care teams that support them. With this in mind, IDDT was founded on four basic principles that still continue in our work today:

Trust. In order to maintain the trust of our members and all those we support, IDDT will always aim to act with the utmost integrity.

Reliability. IDDT has to provide information that is unbiased and evidence-based and not based on opinion or assumption.

Honesty. We know that we have a duty to be honest with all people living and working with diabetes.

Free Information. We believe that information about the condition should be free to everyone, so that anyone can make an informed decision about treatment and care.

IDDT is run by a small, dedicated team of Trustees, staff and volunteers. This team provides information, in different formats, on a wide range of aspects of living with diabetes, as well as quarterly newsletters with information on the latest developments and research, as well as help with practical aspects like planning for holidays or Christmas.

We operate a telephone helpline that can offer advice on everyday issues such as driving, where to get the right support about health issues or simply to be a friendly, understanding ear when things get tough.

We raise money to fund essential research into the condition, that helps to make day-to day living with diabetes easier and we continue to campaign for the rights of people to have access to the treatment of their choice.

We work with other international agencies by collecting insulin and diabetes medical supplies and sending them to countries where people die for lack of access to treatment and medicines.

All the work we do is and the support we provide is free. We rely entirely on voluntary donations.

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