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Guide dogs bring hope and happiness back into the lives of people who are blind or partially sighted

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Leave a gift in your Will

Gifts in Wills are so important to Guide Dogs; two out of three guide dogs are currently made possible in this special way

You may already know quite a bit about our wonderful guide dogs. That they give people who are blind or partially sighted their independence. That they help people get around more confidently. That they change lives.

But did you know that you can change lives too?

Guide Dogs have to raise around £49 million each year just to maintain our services, and we depend on the generosity of people like you to help us continue to transform lives. Leaving a gift in your Will is a big gesture, no matter what the size, and it could go a very long way.

Writing your Will is the only way to ensure you look after what’s important to you, and any solicitor will be able to talk through your needs and advise you. Guide Dogs also offers a Free Will writing service to its supporters, which enables you to make or amend a simple Will for free.

A gift in your Will could help a young person with visual impairment to study. A gift in your Will could help a parent with visual impairment take their children to school. A gift in your Will could guarantee a person with visual impairment independence and confidence long into the future.

Lynette was only 19 years old when her sight suddenly deteriorated - she was forced to leave university and move back home. Reliant on friends and family to help her get around, she felt pressured in busy places and was in danger of walking into things. She had no confidence to leave the house on her own.

It all changed when she was matched with Pippa - she's now returned to university to study Leadership and Management and enjoys a full life - meeting friends for lunch, going swimming and working in a part-time job at her local doctor's surgery. It's thanks to gifts in Wills that Lynette now has the freedom to live every day to the full.

"Before I got Pippa I was struggling just to walk to the shops. I didn't have any confidence. Now I'm able to do what I want, when I want to do it."


Help Guide Dogs create more remarkable partnerships like Lynette & Pippa’s– consider leaving a gift in your Will and request one of our Life Changers packs for further information by visiting

If you have any questions or want to find out more, please get in touch.


Free Will Service

Your Will is one of the most important documents you'll ever make. It's the only way of making sure that the people and causes you care about are looked after when you're gone.

Guide Dogs has teamed up with the National Free Wills Network to give supporters the chance to have a simple Will made or amended free of charge, through a network of solicitors across the UK. There’s no obligation to leave a gift to Guide Dogs if you do use this service, however we hope our supporters may consider it.


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