Registered Charity Number: 1017938 , 1017938
Stamford, Lincolnshire

Helping the brightest and best into rewarding procurement careers

The CIPS Foundation is a registered charity set up to help anyone, anywhere in the world, who struggles to get into and get on in the procurement profession, whether that’s through great hardship, serious illness, political unrest or discrimination.

CIPS donates up to 25% of its net surplus to the Foundation charityThe Foundation is linked to the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS), which donates up to 25% of its net surplus to the charity and provides some administrative support. But CIPS support can only go so far, and the Foundation needs all the help we can get.

We believe that the procurement profession has a vital role to play in modern society; from supporting the economy by working with SMEs and local businesses, to promoting fair and ethical trade, driving innovation and much more. All of this demands that the brightest and the best continue to enter the profession.

The best way to make sure this talent stream continues to flow is to support equal opportunity for all, helping procurement students and professionals to rise above challenging circumstances and enabling the most talented to rise to the top.

While the Foundation can’t solve these problems, with your support we can help these people into the procurement profession to help them rise above these circumstances.

Please consider making a difference by getting involved or donating.

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