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Launch of The Beacon - A unique housing & training centre for homeless veterans

Date Posted: 09 Jul 2012

Church Housing Trust is proud to be associated with The Beacon, a NEW 31 unit housing training and support centre for Service leavers at risk of homelessness, which was officially opened by Foreign Secretary William Hague on 30 March 2012.

The Beacon is based near Catterick Garrison and provides specialist support and temporary accommodation for up to 18 months to single Ex-Servicemen and women most at risk of homelessness.

Veterans can access specialist support to address post-traumatic stress and other issues and training opportunities include landscaping and an on-site bakery where they can learn a new trade and gain qualifications.   

The Beacon boasts top of the range IT equipment, on-site training facilities, as well as guiding residents into employment and permanent housing.  Local health and complementary practitioners are also utilising the centre to tackle the very pressing physical and psychological issues that some veterans have.

It is run by Riverside ECHG, specialists in working with homeless veterans within social landlord Riverside, and of whom Church Housing Trust is the charity partner.

Church Housing Trust raised a total of £65,152 towards furnishings and equipment for the flats, employment and training centres, social areas, training kitchen, and the gym and fitness centre and will continue to fundraise for other needs within the project throughout the year.