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Panya pancake fun

Date posted: 14 Dec 2016

We always like to make learning interesting for our children – and when there’s food involved, they get very excited!   

The children in Middle and Top Class of the nursery school recently learned about Mama Panya's Pancakes. It’s a story book about a poor lady living in a village in Kenya who learns how to make pancakes, which she is then able to share with her neighbours. It is a typical African story that teaches the rewards of sharing with others and the children loved it as they could associate themselves with Mama Panya’s children.

But the fun didn't stop there. Once the children had learned all about the story, we decided to teach them how to make the same pancakes that Mama Panya had made in the story. We bought the ingredients and the children helped to mix everything together ready for cooking. They then watched as the pancakes were fried. Finally, they got to eat and enjoy the pancakes they had helped to make.

The children loved the whole thing and, even after classes had finished, they could be heard discussing the story with one another. One child even asked her teacher: "Teacher, when will you take us to visit Mama Panya in her village?"

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