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The best ethical jeans and denim

jeans - howies.pngWe are a nation of jean lovers, with most of us having at least one pair folded up in our wardrobe. When faced with a pesky what to wear conundrum, some decent denim often saves the day. So we've decided to bring you some of the great ethical denim brands out there that will allow you to look, and feel, great.



jeans - monkee logo.png

Monkee Genes are all about producing fashionable jeans that don't harm the environment, or you. All of their jeans are made from organic fibres that don't contain any nasty chemicals or pesticides. Monkee are accredited by The Social Association, the Global Organic Textiles Standard, and they are Peta approved.


nudie jeans company - ethical denim.gifThe Nudie Jeans Company not only sells jeans, but they repair and recycle them too. Often they will repair your jeans for free in store, and then once they've finally been worn out they will recycle them. They have previously turned old jeans into new jeans, rugs, and even chair upholstery.  

howies - ethical denim.jpgHowies produce jeans using my favourite two types of material: ethical and high quality. They try to source recycled or recyclable fabric wherever possible, meaning your beloved denim can be turned into something new when you're ready to move onto the next pair. 


jeans - organic cotton.png

The Organic Textile Company are different from the other brands as they don't sell jeans. Instead this company focuses on selling fabric, including denim. They only deal with fabrics made from organic materials, and they try to use fair trade cotton where ever possible.