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6 Specialist Dog Breed Rescue Shelters


Did you know that some rescue shelters specialise in certain dog breeds? If you prefer a specific breed of dog, a rescue animal can still be an option for you. Here are just six of the specialist shelters in the UK, along with one of the lovely dogs they have available to adopt right now.

You can browse more in our animal rescue shelter directory, or visitThe Kennel Club who have a list of breed-specific rescue shelters


German Shepherd Rescue charity.jpg

Lyla from German Shepherd Dog Rescue: "Lyla is a 1 year old sable German Shepherd, currently in a foster home with two other dogs. Lyla is a very active high energy girl who is a very quick learner and already showing signs of excellence i.e. good heel work, excellent recall, will sit and stay but still working on the "down" position. She is very good to groom and is being socialised around town and country to be introduced to new sights and sounds which she sometimes is a little wary of but soon settles."


English Springer Spaniel Rescue charity.jpg

Darcie from North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue: "Darcie is a 5 year old Springer spaniel who is used to children of all ages and is used to living with cats but will chase them if they run. She is very well trained both on and off the lead and is very well socialised and trained for both whistle and voice. She particularly likes her tennis balls and has a few special items she likes to carry round the house and greet people with when they come in. She is a very talented girl and has done agility and been taught a number of other tricks including how to weave through her owners legs as she walks. Darcie is used to an active life with a lot of interaction with her owner and plenty of mental stimulation and she will need a home who will continue to provide her with a similar environment. She is a very loving girl who likes nothing better than to please her special person." 


labrador rescue charity.jpg

Reggie from Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England: "Reggie is a 10 month old Golden Retriever with a playful, energetic and soft nature. He has lived with children but not with cats, but may be ok with them. He is good with other dogs. He is a lovely young dog with lots of energy and will do anything for a treat. Reggie will require further training as he is only a young boy. He would be a great family dog, although may knock very young children over due to his bouncy nature."


border collie rescue charity.jpg

Major Tom from Border Collie Trust GB: "Major Tom is just over 6 years old, blue merle smooth coated and is neutered. We rehomed him 18 months ago but he sadly come back into our care following the death of his owner. He was in another home for 3 weeks but wasn't getting along very well with the other male dog in the home so again was returned. Major Tom is deaf but is very responsive to a wide range of hand signals. He is housetrained and travels well."


retired greyhound rescue charity.jpg

Billy from Retired Greyhound Trust: "Billy is one of our boys who has sadly been waiting for a loving home for 3 years he always seems to be overlooked - possibly because he is black. He has had 40 races and finished racing in September 2009. Billy has a good loving nature and just loves to cuddle you. He travels well but has not been tested with domestic dogs or cats."


rottweiler rescue charity.jpg

Jack from Rottweiler Welfare Association: "Jack is a 9 year old boy who previously lived outside because of an aggressive house dog. Jack is a real softy, very friendly and happy. A bit wobbly on his back end but a super dog. He is used to living with rabbits and a baby goat! He would love a final resting home or a foster home."


10 Comments on 6 Specialist Dog Breed Rescue Shelters

Miles78 said at 16:53 on 15 May 2015

Recently rescued a 8 year old Jack Russell, when we first saw her she was in a sorry state and I think people walked straight past her because of her appearance. Once she was home and settled in after a bath and a visit to the vets you should see her now, looks about 3 not 8 and full of life. Don't judge a book by its cover!.

anna-lise said at 11:53 on 10 February 2015

I think its wonderful all the people that take in unwanted dogs, I have 3 dogs and 2 of them are rescue dogs and they are the most loveable dogs I have ever had, I think rescue dogs are more loveable because they hadent had amy previous love in the past, mind you this is not always the case but I find the majority is, your all doing a fantastic job and I thank you so much for doing a great job for society, if all you people didn't take in unwanted dogs, imagine where they would be now, on the streets? With bad owners or even dead, which is disgusting, I think all the people out there who mistreat animals should be hung you make me sick! And if I ever found out or seen anybody hurt an animal I would strongly so something I regret to the person, take your anger out on somebody else,

susanna warren said at 16:26 on 27 November 2014

You really should go to the wonderful Rochdale Dog rescue. This is a non-profit charity that takes dogs on the kill list, rescues them and then re-homes them They are a wonderful bunch of people with all the love those dogs need. The dogs just need their forever home. You really should check the dogs out, especially Lucy, Reg and Dixie- Fantastic

Roger Parker said at 17:26 on 24 September 2014

VBFG, You have EXACTLY the right attitude! I have a German Shepherd bitch which I rescued via GSDR, and she gives me SO MUCH love, just like my previous GS rescue male gave me! In-bred puppies produced by puppy farms, working to make money according to Kennel Club standards, have loads of health problems!

Jacey said at 10:00 on 20 September 2014

If the specific Breed Rescue Charity is for Labrador Retrievers, why are you showing a Golden Retriever? They are two different Breeds! Also, Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England is not an approved Kennel Club Breed Rescue!

Yvonne Jarman said at 11:26 on 29 June 2014

I have a rescue dog - Five years now - makes him six - NEVER had a dog like him ! but woh what a smashing dog - mega messy mega fun in your face - looks after me - happy always - housework ...... why ?

Jenny said at 18:29 on 29 June 2014

What about border terrier welfare?

Nina said at 16:31 on 29 June 2014

I am currently waiting to become a foster carer for dogs which I hope will hear about very soon now. I am so looking forward to being able to help a less unfortunate creature.

Iris Dainton said at 15:48 on 26 June 2014

We always have rescue animals - dogs and cats. Our companion for the past 7 years is a rescue Rottweiler very similar to Jack. Unhappily we could not offer Jack a home as our dog would be most put out. However I hope someone will realise just what big softies Rotties are and offer him a home!

vbfg said at 09:16 on 21 June 2014

I adopted a male GSH/Siberian Husky cross from German Shepherd Rescue and he is a lovely natured dog. They tell you any problems which you may encounter so that you know beforehand. After paying a lot for a dog from a breeder who always had health problems, I would never buy a dog from a breeder again, especially as there are so many dogs wanting homes because many people tire or just cannot be bothered with them.

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