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15 tips on how to conquer Dryathlon

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If you've decided to take part in Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon, but are unsure if you can stay clear of alcohol for a month, then we are here to help keep you on the wagon. We've got 15 tips to help keep you motivated throughout your dry January.


1. Clean out those cupboards! We all like to have a clear out in the New Year anyway, so make sure you also throw or give away your left over bottles of alcohol. Out of sight, out of mind.


2. Re-arrange your social calendar and make sure that you make plans on weekdays rather than weekends. Knowing you have to be up early the next day for work means that you'll feel less tempted to drink, plus seeing your colleagues with sore heads the next day will let you know that you made the right choice.


3. Stock up on soft drinks that you like, Dryathlon isn't meant to be a punishment!


4. Offer to be the designated driver on nights out. This is a double win as it will stop you from drinking and you'll win brownie points with your mates.


5. Change your habits! If you know that you always have a glass of wine when Corrie's on then change your routine. You can play a game with the family, hit the gym, or finish that book you've been reading on and off for 5 years. 


6. Make a list of things that you always want to do on Saturday mornings, but that you are usually too hungover or tired to get up and do, and actually do them.


7. Banish the morning after fear. No more waking up and scrolling through your phone to check that you haven't drunk dialled or text your manager. Phew!


8. Keep an eye on the bank account as you should start saving money now that you aren't buying alcohol. 


9. You can finally enjoy a good night's sleep as most alcohol contains a lot of sugar which makes it harder to snooze.


10. Find out where your money goes. The main part of Dryathlon is to raise money for Cancer Research UK, so why not feel inspired by visiting their site and finding out how your contribution will help in the fight against cancer.


11. Grab a non-drinking buddy. Strength in numbers!


12. If you're like us then you'll have had many, many, many mice pies (plus lots of other delicious things) over the festive period. Cutting out the alcohol will reduce your calorie intake and help your body to recover.


13. Keep the romance alive. 42% of women said that seeing their partner drunk was a turn off, so use January as a chance to remind your other half of just how charming you are when sober.


14. Set yourself a January target. Take your mind off drinking by setting yourself a goal that you should complete by the end of the month. This could be running a certain distance, finally painting the bathroom walls, or mastering a new skill.


15. Recognise your success! You may have moments when you want to give up, but realise how far you've come and reward yourself.