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Covid-19: 8 Ways to support charities and the vulnerable

Covid-19: 8 Ways to support charities and the vulnerable

Charities are in crisis and struggling to raise funds to keep their vital services afloat. At this very strange and unsettled time it may seem like we are at home, powerless and unable to spring to action to help as we participate in this unprecedented national Coronavirus lockdown. However, there are still quite a lot of things you can do from the comfort of your own home (or a little further afield if you are fit and well) to help charities and the vulnerable during this time. These may help if you’d like to feel useful and can allow for some much-needed fun!

Replace that cancelled run

Due to run in an organised race or other mass sporty charity event? Challenge your inner Joe Wicks and consider still participating by doing the distance during your lockdown exercise break – we’ve heard that instead of the London Landmarks Half Marathon people are being encouraged to raise funds for their chosen charity by doing solo runs around their local landmarks! Alternatively, if you can’t leave the house you could do a relative distance but with skipping in your living room or the equivalent of that hike up and down your own stairs – imagination is key here!

Update Alert!: Charity Choice are supporting the #TwoPointSixChallenge which is being run to help save UK charities on the day that this year's London Marathon should have been run on - the 26th April. The aim is to raise £67 Million for charities by the end of April by doing any challenges you were supposed to be doing and were cancelled or as we say above come up with a challenge of our own using the theme of 2.6 or 26. 


Along with lockdown has come the emergence of the social tech like Zoom and House Party which allow people to communicate in groups, so you can carry on the fundraising you were hoping to do from your own living room. Why not meet up online with friends, family or your neighbours and do some FUNdraising while you are at it? Quizzes are always popular or how about a bake-off (or cook-off and virtual dinner party). Challenge – have a go at an eggless cake if you haven’t been able to get many of them! Everyone who enters donates to their favourite charity and gets to eat their creation – win win! Charity singalong or karaoke anyone?


If you would like to volunteer during the crisis there are some guidelines available through the NCVO here and you can also sign up here:

The NHS Volunteer Responders was set up to recruit fit and healthy people (with no symptoms of the virus) to go out in the community to help isolating and vulnerable people by doing simple and non-medical tasks like delivering food and medication. There are also options to volunteer for those unable to leave their houses, such as making regular phone calls to check on other more vulnerable people who are self-isolating. Find out more about being an NHS volunteer here.

Give Blood

Hospitals are still asking people to give blood during the coronavirus pandemic so if you are fit and well leaving the house to give blood is considered essential travel. To find out more read this update:

Find Charity shop treasures in your house

Everyone has items at home that they don’t really need or use. If you are anything like us at Charity Choice you have already begun to use the time spent at home sorting old boxes of photos, that drawer of “things” you never usually have time to tackle, that cupboard under the stairs you hide things in. This is a great opportunity to sort and prepare those unwanted treasures you find so that when this is all over you are ready to replenish those charity shop shelves!

Help a food bank

You may not be able to donate in person to a food bank, but many of them have donation facilities online so you can support them directly - you could also do an online shop for them which means it will get delivered directly to their door. When you are doing your food shopping don’t forget that many supermarkets now have food collection points, so drop a couple of tins in at the end of your shop. Search using the word “foodbank” here to find a foodbank charity near you. Please also check with your local foodbank’s website to see what they need most and to check how they are accepting donations.

Donate any working-from-home savings

If you usually get a cup of coffee on the way to work, have a cheeky hump-day afternoon doughnut (or is that just me?), are missing out on your Friday night post work drink with your office besties why not donate the proceeds instead to your favourite charity? Have a look through the find a charity search here to get started to choosing a charity to support.

Clap for our caring key worker heroes

Even if you are unable to donate financially or with your time, you can still show your support by clapping for anyone out there who is helping to make life better for us all – whether they are our amazing NHS workers, carers and support staff, teachers and key workers - they all deserve our support. At 8pm every Thursday lean out of your window and clap, cheer or sing together or get creative a make a rainbow inspired artwork to pin on your window.


Be safe, be kind and take care everyone!

From the Charity Choice team