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Charity Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers


Read all about it! If you are buying for a keen reader or writer this Christmas, we have selected the best charity Christmas gifts for committed book worms. 


UNICEF Indra Stitched Leather Journal.jpg

Stitched leather journal from UNICEF 


English Heritage Calligraphy Pen .jpg

Calligraphy and ink set from English Heritage 


British Library classic book cover coasters.jpg

Classic book cover coasters from The British Library 


WSPA elephant book ends.png

Elephant book ends from WSPA 


RSPB Bookplate stamp with swallows.jpg

Book plate stamp with swallows from RSPB 


Famous writer finger puppets.png

Famous writer finger puppets from The National Theatre. Pictured are Anton Chekhov, Jane Austen, and Franz Kafka. "Write your own naturalistic plays about bored Russian gentry with your very own Anton Chekhov finger puppet."


Recycled inner tube IPAD case Friends of the Earth.jpg

Recycled inner tube iPad case from Friends of the Earth 


Shakespeare's Globe Alas poor Yorick cuff links.jpg

'Alas poor Yorick' cuff links from Shakespeare's Globe 


RSPCA Wooden Reading Rest.png

Wooden reading rest from RSPCA 


British Red Cross diary.gif

2014 pocket diary from British Red Cross 


RSC team capulet and montague badges.jpg

Team Capulet and Montague badges from Royal Shakespeare Company 


Sue Ryder Bicycle print Kindle Case.jpg

Bicylce print kindle case from Sue Ryder 


RSPB owl book ends.jpg

Owl book ends from RSPB 


British Library Adventures of Sherlock Holmes e reader cover.jpg

'Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' eReader case from British Library 


For a cosy night of reading...


Kew Gardens recycled Wool Rug.jpg

Recycled wool blanket from Kew Gardens


Amnesty International dressing gown.jpg

Fairtrade dressing gown from Amnesty International 


Hot water bottle cover Friends of the Earth.jpg

Cable knit hot water bottle cover from Friends of the Earth 


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